Lintons Market is an efficient way for you to purchase food, supplies and manage inventories at each of your facilities.

We give you the advantage of having access to a large variety of products and goods at a more competitive price — offering convenience with one-stop shopping.

Lintons Market allows each home or group setting to place weekly meal and supply orders.

We are always finding ways to improve services and enhance cost efficiencies.  From remaining compliant with industry regulations and making on-time food service deliveries, to helping you plan your menu, we give you our best so you can serve your best to the customers who expect nothing less.

Individually Prepared Meals

Lintons’ chef-prepared meals are created using top-quality fresh ingredients to ensure you receive delicious, nutritious meals — no preparation needed. You select the meals that you want and they arrive at your location. Meals are complete with protein, vegetables, and grains, expertly chilled, packaged, and delivered in individual containers. Follow the suggested heating times on each label and your client will enjoy a complete hot meal.

Textured Meals

We understand that meal time can be challenging for caregivers and providing consistent texture is extremely important for resident safety. For those who have difficulty swallowing or a diagnosis of dysphagia, our Lintons Market Textured Meals provide visually appealing, nutritious, and home-style meals. Our aim is to keep your residents well-nourished by stimulating their appetites and increasing their mealtime food consumption. All meals are chopped, ground, or puréed while maintaining their nutritional goodness and delicious flavor.  Each of the 22 varieties of meals and single serve items we offer has been analyzed by the Lintons Dietitian before it is delivered to your door. Nutritional information and various diet classifications are provided for each meal. There is a variety of meals available for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner along with desserts and beverages. Lintons Customer Service Representative will assist in answering any questions about the ordering process.

  • Eliminates waste and preparation expense.
  • Freshly Prepared
  • Variety and Consistent Meals Delivered Frozen
  • Oven or Microwave Ready
  • Optimal for small settings
  • Production & Packaging

Packaging & Delivery

Meals are packaged and transported in appropriate insulated containers, specifically designed for the transportation of hot and cold food. Accompanying each delivery is a production sheet and delivery ticket. Lintons delivery personnel will have the client representative verify and sign the ticket.


Lintons maintains a sufficient fleet of vehicles to insure all meals are delivered on schedule. Vehicles are inspected each week and an inspection log is sent to the corporate office making note of their condition and any needed repairs. These procedures give us confidence in sending our delivery fleet on the road for timely delivery.